Sunday, 3 August 2014

How to make a tumblr inspired notebook page.

How to make a tumblr inspired notebook page.

so i've seen tons of "tumblr notebooks", that look something like this. i decided to have a go at it and and make a tutorial on how to make it as i couldn't find an easy tutorial myself.

*please excuse the winnie the pooh ruler.

this was done in A5 notebook with approx. 14cm x 20cm pages.

you will need:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • a pencil
  • rule(r)
  • a notebook/something to stick pictures onto
  • a computer
  • printer
  • pictures

step one

print off 16 pictures that measure 4.6cm x 4.6cm and cut them out. listen carefully to the next bit. you will need to have 8 pictures with triangles with the flat bit at the bottom and 8 with the flat bit at the top. the minnie mouse one has the flat bit at the bottom. 

step two

on either the top or bottom, mark the middle of the edge at 2.3cm with a pencil. draw two lines from this point to the furthest corners (pictured). it is best to do this on the back incase you make a mistake. cut along these lines.

repeat on the other pictures.

don't throw away the leftovers. you will need them later!

step three

arrange the triangles in the pattern pictured, leaving spaces so it doesn't look cluttered. once you are happy with the layout, glue down, making sure to go to all the corners, as it can peel off at the edges of the pictures.
all done!

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