Sunday, 15 June 2014

Blog refresh!

I have completely revamped my blog, so it is a bit different. As i haven't been very active in my blog, i have decided to start fresh, and try and post at least once a week. Thing i will start posting: 
  • fun art and craft things, my own and others  find on the internet. 
  • recipes
  • tips and life hacks
  • random facts and nuggets of information I may stumble across
  • surveys
  • gif/picture of the week
  • reviews of books, films and anything else
  • drawings
I also realised that you probably don't know much about me, so here are some facts about me:
  • my name is not georgie, but i like being called that
  • i am a millennium baby
  • i am an aquarius
  • i live in east kent, england
  • when i am older, I want to become either an author or work in film, theatre or television
  • i love the percy jackson series by rick riordan
  • i am ok at drawing
  • i am doing english, maths, stats, all sciences, re, art, german, history and geography for gcse in september
  • i can't spell
  • i have awful eye sight
  • i am extremely clusmy
  • i love sherlock
  • i travel alot
I think that is about it. I hope that you will check out this blog in the future!

never stop dreaming
georgie ||
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