Sunday, 13 July 2014

Drawings and whatnot.

Some new drawings

Its nearly the end of the year and my brain hurts. i have also made a resolution to myself that i will do more drawing and fanart, and i will complete the 30 day drawing challenge, which so far i have not yet got past the 4th day.

i have also got a pinterest account which i have become somewhat addicted to.

i am going to see monty python in the O2 arena on wednesday, which i am really excited about, but slightly nervous i will be the only one who doesn't get some of the jokes.
anyways, i have decided to do the 30 day drawing challenge, but 30 weeks instead of 30 days, as i am more like to complete it if i do. i am going to colour in these pictures and go around the lines in pen, but i want to show the progress

Just pencil

me, after i went to a summer fayre, and the only thing i brought back was an avengers balloon

rachel elizabeth dare, my favourite pjo/hoo character

Pen outline and coloured pencil

stay tuned
georgie ||

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