Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hello everybody.

Welcome all newbies to my blog

First off, to all the new people who discover this blog... hi.
I really love the fantastic mr fox film. 
So i've been surfing the web and in my travels discovered a little cat called pusheen. pusheen gets up to all sorts, and is really cute, so maybe you should check her website out :)

i also discovered the setting on my camera that allows me to make the background out of focus and the subject is in focus, so naturally, i took some photos for polyvore. my wreck this journal, fantastic beasts and where to find them, percy jackson and the lightning thief, the bone season and my new toothless toy that i bought earlier today.

and now for the gif of the week: the most accurate representation of anyone doing homework ever.

i hope you had a good week. feel free to comment anything at all, even hate if you must :)

stay fab
georgie || my polyvore

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